Keith is an actor, model, voice-over artist, and screenwriter. He was born December 12, 1958, in Hartford, Connecticut, USA. He has lived and worked most of his life in southern New England. In high school, Keith participated in Football and Track & Field. After graduating from high school, he decided to enlist in the U.S. Air Force where he served from 1978 to 1982, mostly overseas. Upon his Honorable Discharge from the U.S. Air Force he enlisted in the Connecticut Army National Guard and served until 1985. Since 1982, he has worked over 35 years in the computer field, including owning his own business building and repairing computers, webpage design (including several award-winning sites), graphics design, and photo restoration. Keith is also a certified welder, holding certifications in MIG, TIG, gas, and SMAW.

In the mid 1980's, Keith was able to watch the filming of 'Mystic Pizza' from a nearby downtown office. As it turns out, in 2007, he was to work with Annabeth Gish on 'Brotherhood', and in 2018, with the late Conchata Ferrell on 'A Very Nutty Christmas'. In the 1990's, Keith enjoyed watching the filming of 'Amistad' in and around the Mystic Seaport, however, acting professionally wasn't something he himself ever considered. He had performed in a number of school plays, including the lead in 'Hamlet', and writing, directing, and performing in the role of assassin John Wilkes Booth in his own production of "Lincoln", but it wasn't until 2006, when his father saw a casting notice in the local newspaper for 'The Bronx Is Burning' and encouraged Keith to attend the casting call. With no experience and a not-so-flattering selfie with his digital camera, Keith didn't think he had much of a chance. To his surprise, he was called the next day for a uniform fitting as an NYPD Police Officer. Not only that, in his very first scene, he was featured! Another highlight from 'The Bronx Is Burning' was an on-screen nod from Casey Siemaszko.

Keith has been featured in a number of television and film productions including the ESPN mini-series 'The Bronx is Burning', the Showtime series 'Brotherhood', NewTV's 'Assassin Nation: The Baltimore Plot', a music video for the indie rock band Donovan Wolfington, 'The Cars That Made America' for The History Channel, and 'A Very Nutty Christmas' on Lifetime.

In September of 2017, Keith worked on a series of television commercials for TaylorMade Golf, Nike, and CitiGroup, with World Champion professional golfers Rory McIlroy, Jason Day, Justin Rose, Dustin Johnson, and Jon Rahm. These commercials debuted nationwide during the 2018 U. S. Open golf tournament.

In July of 2018, Keith was seen in Stephen King's series "Castle Rock' with Melanie Lynskey on HULU. In October, he had the pleasure to work on a photoshoot with New York-based photographer Chase C. Middleton. In November, Keith participated in 'Vigilant Guard 19-1', a joint Disaster Response Exercise with the United States Northern Command, the Massachusetts State Police, the Massachusetts Army National Guard, and local Sheriff's Departments. The exercise was held at the Massachusetts State Police Training Academy in New Braintree, Massachusetts. Keith's role was as a protester/rioter. He was even 'arrested' once and put in the police van, aka the 'paddy wagon'. Throughout the Christmas season of 2018, Keith was seen in the Lifetime Original Movie 'A Very Nutty Christmas' with Melissa Joan Hart, Conchata Ferrell, Barry Watson, and Ryan Caltagirone, and with Jessica Lowndes, Maddie McCormick and Cole Gleason in the Hallmark Channel Original Movie, 'Christmas At Pemberley Manor'.

Keith can now be seen in Season 4 of 'Testing: The Series', a dramatic web series about strange scientific trials experimenting on humans.

Throughout the summer of 2019, Keith worked on 'Stalker's Prey 2', 'The Dangerfields Class Of '64', where he played the role of 'Foreman', and 'Reflections: Project Chameleon', in the role of 'Forensic Team Member'.

Keith has finished work on the Black Duck Productions 'The Bootlegger', filmed in Newport, Rhode Island. He played the role of United States Coast Guard Captain L. T. Chalker. In January of 2020, he had the pleasure of working on 'Reflections: Project Chameleon' once again, this time in the role of 'FBI Special Agent Braxton Woods'.

It's always exciting to an actor to be recognized when in public, and someone says "Hey, didn't I see you in...". Keith has been recognized several times. In December of 2018, Keith was out shopping for, of all things, Christmas cards, when he was approached by two women. One said "Oh my gosh, we just saw you on TV the other night". They had been watching 'A Very Nutty Christmas' on the Lifetime Channel. Recently, a Facebook friend from Bucharest, Romania told Keith she had recognized him from The Hallmark Channel's 'Christmas At Pemberley Manor'. Keith has been told by producers, directors, and fellow actors, that he has "a face with character" and can easily fit many roles. He is well-liked for his friendly personality and sense of humor and respected for his professionalism on the set, both on and off camera.

As a voice-over artist with over 15 years experience, he has been complimented on the timbre of his voice. With his own well-equipped recording studio, you can now find him on Youtube and Vimeo.

After many years of having a number of ideas that he thought would make good screenplays, Keith has recently finished his first short film screenplay titled 'Number 49'. 'Number 49' is currently being submitted to film festivals and screenwriting contests.

Throughout the years, Keith has volunteered at the local Neighborhood Center, as well as a number of libraries and museums throughout Connecticut, and many organizations, including the Connecticut Special Olympics. He volunteered with the American Red Cross on 9/11 and for several weeks after. In addition to volunteering, he spends his free time involved in activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking, and weight lifting.

The BootleggerUSCG Captain L. T. Chalker / PrincipleBlack Duck Productions
Reflections: Project ChameleonFBI Agent Braxton Woods/ Featured, SupportingMcGee Productions
Reflections: Project ChameleonForensic Team/ Featured, SupportingMcGee Productions
Stalker's Prey 2Beach Club Guest / BackgroundSynthetic Cinema International
Christmas At Pemberley ManorEvent Worker / BackgroundSynthetic Cinema International
A Very Nutty ChristmasBar Patron / FeaturedHartbreak Films
A Very Nutty ChristmasShopper / FeaturedHartbreak Films
A Very Nutty ChristmasPasserby / BackgroundHartbreak Films
A Very Nutty ChristmasTownsperson / FeaturedHartbreak Films
Castle RockGuest Chainsaw Guy Dave / FeaturedBad Robot, Warner Bros.
The Cars That Made AmericaFight Spectator / FeaturedMagilla Entertainment. LLC.
Assassin Nation: The Baltimore PlotConspirator / FeaturedNewTV
Assassin Nation: The Baltimore PlotHotel Guest / BackgroundNewTV
The Cobblestone CorridorSanta Janitor / FeaturedMainframe Pictures
The Cobblestone CorridorPasserby / BackgroundMainframe Pictures
Mitch Albom's For One More DayBaseball Game Spectator / BackgroundHarpo Films
BrotherhoodPasserby / BackgroundGangtackle Productions
BrotherhoodHotel/Party Guest / BackgroundGangtackle Productions
BrotherhoodDoctor / FeaturedGangtackle Productions
BrotherhoodLegislator / BackgroundGangtackle Productions
The Bronx Is BurningUniformed Police Officer / Featured, RecurringESPN Original Entertainment
The Bronx Is BurningNewspaper Reporter / BackgroundESPN Original Entertainment
The Bronx Is BurningOmega Detective / BackgroundESPN Original Entertainment
The Dangerfields Class Of '64Foreman/ Featured, SupportingLet's Do This Productions
The RecordThe Son Of Man / Co-LeadLeeSanchez Productions
Misadventures Of Being SingleRestaurant Patron / BackgroundNew Wind Productions
Date KnightRestaurant Patron / BackgroundMASS Fables, LLC.
27 DressesPasserby / BackgroundFox 2000 Pictures
27 DressesShopper / BackgroundFox 2000 Pictures
SleatherCostume Shop Customer / BackgroundSleather Studios
TaylorMade Golf / Nike / CitigroupGolf Spectator / BackgroundThe Cavalry Productions
Crime SceneGunshot Victim / FeaturedDerek Dudek Studio, LLC
Music Videos
J-KHiLaHFBI Agent Braxton Woods/ Featured, SupportingMcGee Productions
QuitzowAudience Member / BackgroundDirector: Josh Lee
Donovan WolfingtonDoctor / Featured, SupportingPARKSRANDA
Web Series
Testing: The SeriesBoard Member / Featured, SupportingAngelwood Pictures
Live Events
Vigilant Guard 19-1Protester / RioterHuman Domain Solutions, LLC
Testing: The SeriesStunt FallAngelwood Pictures
Donovan WolfingtonStunt CombatPARKSRANDA
PhotoshootChase C. Middleton
Crime SceneDerek Dudek Studio, LLC
The RecordProduction Assistant / SFXLeeSanchez Productions


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